Software Developer

Your Geek has an extensive and diverse skill set including:

  • 20 years software design and development experience

  • Senior C/C++ skills on Windows, Apple, Unix, Linux and AS/400

  • Web skills in MySQL, PHP, Javascript, CCS, Ajax and HTML

  • Strong business automation, eCommerce, EDI and CGI skills

  • Skills in anti-piracy tech' and secure online product licensing

  • Strong 3D graphics skills using OpenGL on Unix and Windows

  • Senior video game and 3D graphics software development skills

  • Senior cross platform design and development skills

  • Strong low level, embedded and micro code programming skills

  • Experienced in documentation, lecturing, assessment and training

  • Strong graphic art, post production and image processing skills

  • I design and develop a wide range of software products including mobile apps, web apps, games, 3D tools, high end Server software, EDI ordering systems, statistical analysis, dyslexia treatment, monitoring and performance tools, scheduling and data transfer.