Good with Graphics

Your Geek enjoys graphics and many projects have included 2D or 3D graphics, including:

  • 3D Graphics 101 3D eLearning Program

  • 3D Game Builder 3D Game Simulator

  • 3D Model Builder 3D Modelling Tool

  • 3D Kit Builder "ready to assemble" 3D Model Kits

  • Cellfield Reading Intervention

  • Minescape v4 3D Mine Planning Software

  • 3D Graphics 101 is a 3D e-Learning Program which teaches the fundamentals of 3D graphics. The course includes specialised 3D software and a set of tutorials to teach all the basics. For several years your Geek has been involved with Griffith University and teaching multimedia students.

    3D Kit Builder is a range of "ready to assemble" 3D model kits that you can download from the internet and build from parts. Kits include boats, race cars, monster trucks, planes and motor bikes. We have also developed kits for high profile licenses including V8 Supercar Team Vodafone, 888 Race Engineering, Red Bull Air Race, BMW Formula 1 and Williams F1.