South East Geek

Mark Theyer is your local "South East Geek" who lives on the beautiful Gold Coast in South East Queensland, Australia.

I am your on-demand, charge by the hour, IT guru who sports 2 Degrees and 20 years worth of successful software projects.

I design and develop a wide range of software products including mobile apps, web apps, games, 3D tools, high end Server software, EDI ordering systems, statistical analysis, dyslexia treatment, monitoring and performance tools, scheduling and data transfer.

I develop for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, PlayStation, AS400 and AIX. I also help with design, administration, monitoring and maintenance of data centre Server systems.

Give me a call on 0422 405 835 anytime...

Web Apps

No Geek develops pure PC app's anymore... Web app's for mobile devices and the Internet are the main focus moving forward.

Today, mobile app's and the Internet are now the primary target platform for anyone who wants to deliver services or app's (applications).

Any site or service you develop will want to support desktop, tablet and mobile devices. That means you will want your content to look good and presentable on each of these display formats. A large percentage of your target audience will use a phone or tablet device.

On a desktop PC we can simulate tablet and mobile display formats:

Mobile Tablet Desktop

Software Developer

Your Geek has an extensive and diverse skill set including:

  • 20 years software design and development experience

  • Senior C/C++ skills on Windows, Apple, Unix, Linux and AS/400

  • Web skills in MySQL, PHP, Javascript, CCS, Ajax and HTML

  • Strong business automation, eCommerce, EDI and CGI skills

  • Skills in anti-piracy tech' and secure online product licensing

  • Strong 3D graphics skills using OpenGL on Unix and Windows

  • Senior video game and 3D graphics software development skills

  • Senior cross platform design and development skills

  • Strong low level, embedded and micro code programming skills

  • Experienced in documentation, lecturing, assessment and training

  • Strong graphic art, post production and image processing skills

  • I design and develop a wide range of software products including mobile apps, web apps, games, 3D tools, high end Server software, EDI ordering systems, statistical analysis, dyslexia treatment, monitoring and performance tools, scheduling and data transfer.

    Consulting Services

    Your Geek has developed Managed Services that support the day to day operations of Server operating systems. Therefore your Geek knows a lot about Software, Servers, Networks and Operating Systems.

    As such your Geek can perform Consulting and/or Managed services for your company and/or clients on demand with 24/7 support.

    Because you only pay for time on demand your Managed Service contracts can be highly efficient and profitable.

    Unix Specialist

    Your Geek has 20 years experience with Unix and its many different flavours including:

  • Linux

  • Apple OSX

  • Redhat

  • Suse

  • SunOS, Solaris

  • HP-UX


  • IBM i5/OS400

  • Experience includes C/C++ software development, OS installation and upgrades, SQL database maintenance, problem troubleshooting and analysis, disaster recovery and performance review.

    Your Geek is also good at Unix shell scripting (bash, csh) to initiate, customise or automate processes. I have developed Managed Services for AIX which includes instant error notifications via email, daily and monthly reporting.

    Good with Graphics

    Your Geek enjoys graphics and many projects have included 2D or 3D graphics, including:

  • 3D Graphics 101 3D eLearning Program

  • 3D Game Builder 3D Game Simulator

  • 3D Model Builder 3D Modelling Tool

  • 3D Kit Builder "ready to assemble" 3D Model Kits

  • Cellfield Reading Intervention

  • Minescape v4 3D Mine Planning Software

  • 3D Graphics 101 is a 3D e-Learning Program which teaches the fundamentals of 3D graphics. The course includes specialised 3D software and a set of tutorials to teach all the basics. For several years your Geek has been involved with Griffith University and teaching multimedia students.

    3D Kit Builder is a range of "ready to assemble" 3D model kits that you can download from the internet and build from parts. Kits include boats, race cars, monster trucks, planes and motor bikes. We have also developed kits for high profile licenses including V8 Supercar Team Vodafone, 888 Race Engineering, Red Bull Air Race, BMW Formula 1 and Williams F1.

    Fun and Games

    Just for fun, your Geek developed in-house and, with other Studios, several games for the PlayStation including:

  • Destroy All Humans (Pandemic / THQ / PS2)

  • California Surfing (TheyerGFX / Midas Interactive / PSX)

  • Jet Racer (TheyerGFX / Midas Interactive / PSX)

  • Your Geek also teamed up with Tantalus Media as Senior Producer to help develop the Cars Race-O-Rama game for Nintendo DS, published by THQ.

    Your Geek also worked on South Park Rally for the Nintendo 64.

    To read Fun games get serious click here...

    Geek with Honours

    Your Geek comes highly qualified with 2 Degrees, a Scholarship, Awards and is a published Author:

  • Bachelor of Multimedia Honours 1 (GU/2005)

  • Award for Academic Excellence (GU/2003)

  • Scholarship for Academic Excellence (GU/2003)

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (CQU/1994)

  • Your Geek completed his Honours 1st class with a perfect grade point average of 7.

    Your Geek also contributed to Graphics Programming Methods by Charles River Media with a chapter entitled Higher-order surfaces using curved point-normal (PN) triangles. This technique was developed to solve several problems associated with the real world implementation of higher order surfaces. Refer to to find the book.

    To open Mark's latest CV / Resume please click here.

    Cross Platform Server Software

    Your Geek has developed Server Software that runs on multiple Server hardware and operating systems. That is, one code base that builds and runs on many platforms, including Windows, Linux, Red Hat, Solaris, AIX and IBM AS/400.

    This means your Geek knows how to build just about any application, Server, app', tool, game or driver on any platform... any software on any platform or device, no problem.

    Your Geek can design, develop, test and deploy, lead a team, be the team or be a team member... what ever you need, when you need it.

    To learn more about Cross Platform software click here.

    Microsoft Technologies

    Microsoft owns a big slice of the industry and a lot of companies use their tech'.

    The risk is that Microsoft tech' is closed and specific such that you cannot run it on other platforms.

    As a cross platform developer I do not recommend developing software upon Microsoft specific technologies.

    The target platform by popular demand no longer Microsoft... it is the Internet. That is, software that runs through web browsers. Today HTML is the most common user interface language for us Geeks.

    To learn more about HTML click here.

    Linux OS

    The Linux operating system (OS) has become a popular platform for web, database, file Servers and cloud computing.

    Linux is a Unix-like and mostly POSIX-compliant computer operating system (OS). It continues to be a reliable and efficient platform for database software and Internet services. LAMP is a common term used in the industry which is an acronym for Linux.Apache.MySQL.PHP.

    Fortunately, your Geek has extensive experience with many forms of Unix including Linux, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Solaris and Red Hat.

    To learn more about Linux click here.

    Touch is Good

    Apple's iPad brings touch computing to our couch and it is amazing just how engaging this device is.

    The iPad makes web surfing, playing music, browsing photos and everyday computing tasks easy with its smart user interface and touch surface.

    The result here is similar to what the Nintendo Wii achieved where "normal people", young and old, can use and enjoy the device without needing any special geek skills.

    To learn more about Apple iPad click here.

    A Geek for All Platforms

    Most Geeks are keen on just one brand or technology... a bit like Ford or Holden, the same goes for Mac vs Windows, or Unix vs IBM.

    For example, Windows programmers usually hate the likes of Unix and Apple Mac. Why? Because they have invested sooo much time in Windows that is all they know... and it takes a lot of time to learn other platforms.

    Unix and Linux geeks are often the same, they do not like Windows. IBM guys only like IBM, and on it goes...

    Fortunately, your Geek knows all of these platforms intimately and can develop what you want on any or all of the major computing platforms.